Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Honoring the Presidents with Savings!

As you know my frugality stretches far past just coupons at the grocery store. I like to think I live an all around frugal lifestyle. I try to reuse, repurpose and upcycle as much as I can and I'm always looking for a discount or a good deal. I shudder at paying full price for anything. And I LOVE thrift stores and garage sales!

Monday I drove over to ARC Thrift Store to take advantage of a sale day. Usually, every Saturday ARC has 50% most items (not on sale is the newest color sale tag) but with it being a holiday weekend they had a 50% off sale on Monday! Here's what I scored!

I LOVE finding organizational items second hand. Obviously you have to make sure there aren't any cracks or broken pieces but once you check them over, toss those babies in your cart! As you can see from the picture above I found some metal racks/shelves (I love these!) and a few plastic bins for the kids' toys (MUCH sturdier than dollar store bins and I only paid $1.50 each for them). The 2 canisters seal tight and are perfect for pantry storage and I picked up a little glass jar that I'm using to put my makeup brushes in (thank you Pinterest for that idea...just add those cheap glass marbles and your brushes stand right up!). I found some various wrapping paper and a kids educational product (brand new!!) and a little wooden sign with the Irish Blessing on it.
One of my big scores was the metal drawer you see in the upper left. My Keurig coffee maker sits on top the storage drawer holds the k-cups! These run about $25 on Amazon but I got mine for $3.50!!

I had a time limit that day so I couldn't do all the clothes shopping I wanted but I did a quick run through of the long sleeved shirts and did a peek for a couple kids items I needed. Here's what I picked up...

I needed one more warm sleeper for Leona and I also found a pair of "slippery pants" for Nora (that's what she calls those slick track pants and she loves wearing them). For me, I picked out 10 shirts. Hey, I just recently lost all my baby weight (although I'm still trying to tone up), I deserve some new clothes!! A couple of the tops are lightweight cardigans and the rest are just cotton tops. The dark colored one on the bottom, in the middle, is from Banana Republic so, yes, you can find some quality items if you do a little looking. The total cost of all 12 items pictured above came to just under $27!

My biggest item of the day was this glass punch bowl set.

This set matches a set of antique dishes that I have called "Star of David". My mother and grandmother both have these and I've starting adding pieces to my own collection. The punch bowl with 13 cups (and one odd little bowl that was also inside) came to a grand total of $6.50! WOW!! I was so excited to find this and add it to my collection.
My grand total of my shopping spree came to $64, after rounding up my change for the ARC Angels. I had so much fun and found some really great pieces.
My advice for the day. Don't let thrift stores scare you. Some of them are disorganized and dirty but when you find the clean, organized ones frequent them often and do some treasure hunting of your own!
Love and "new" treasures,