Monday, February 21, 2011

Motherly Thoughts

I’m sitting on the plane on the way home from Orlando, typing in Word, getting this ready to post after I get home.
...and here it is

As I walked through amusement parks and tourist areas for 3 days I was able to see the type of mother I want to be…and the one I don’t. Unfortunately, I saw some mothers speaking to their kids the way that I have spoken to Nora. The raised voice, the harsh tone…little love.

I need more love. I need to show more love. I need to give more love. I want my children to feel more love.

Some days it’s really tough. Some days my patience is tested and it’s all I can do to not step outside my back door and scream at the top of my lungs. Not scream anything in particular, just scream….yell…”ARGH!!!”

And I will admit that I have done that before. Thank goodness I do live out in the country. I only have one neighbor who, maybe, heard me…but hopefully not.

Being away from my children for 3 days, in the “happiest place on earth” has given me a chance to have a new start. It’s put my mind in a place where I can go home with a fresh mind and spirit and a little more patience.

I want my children to feel love from me. I want them to be good kids, and that always requires teaching and discipline, but I need to make some changes in myself if they are to become the children I hope they will be.

I am so thankful I had the chance to go on this trip. Not just to be able to spend time with a girlfriend and explore Orlando, but because I had the chance to step back from my “normal” life and see what changes I need to make in myself. I hope that my family reaps many benefits from this trip, even though they didn’t get to come with me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Track record

I've never had a good track record for Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's never been one of my favorite holidays but I'm starting to like it more (thanks to having kids).

You see, before I met my husband I had always been single on Valentine's Day. Yes, ALWAYS been single. I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than about 9 months and those months never fell in February.
My girlfriends and I would try and get out there and have fun, though. I distinctly remember going out after work and sharing a "death by chocolate" at Bennigans. I think this happened more than one year in a row.

In 2002 I was taken to the E.R. on Valentine's Day. I was at work, getting ready to start a busy day at Macaroni Grill, when a horrible pain came over me. I could barely walk, I started sweating and I turn ghostly pale (more than I normally am). One of my co-workers drove me to the hospital where I found out that I had an ovarian cyst that had burst...ya, OUCH!

That was the first day I had ever heard the word endometriosis. 

Four months later I was having surgery for my "condition" and the rest is history.

This year, I sit here at home with my kids after spending the day being sick with the flu. It hit me about 7pm last night and continued all night long. My husband was sweet enough to take part of the day off from work to help take the kids to and from the Learning Center (I did NOT want them to miss out on their first real Valentine's Day with friends) and tend to me a little bit.

Even though I felt, physically, miserable all day I was overjoyed to see my daughter come home with decorated kleenex box full of Valentines. My little man doesn't understand the holiday yet, but he had a few treats which definatly made him smile. As for my husband, he appeared with a sweet card and some beautiful flowers (I love that he doesn't just pick out plain ol' roses) and I felt so much love.

I hope you did too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cooking from my stockpile

We don't have any big plans for today but I wanted to make it at least a little festive around the house so I did a little game day cooking. On the menu is chili, queso and chips and football helmet shaped sugar cookies (and whatever else we scrounge up). I know it's nothing too exciting but it's just us so I didn't need to go overboard.

The best part of the menu is that I didn't have to go to the store to pick up anything. I, somewhat, chose the menu based on what I had around the house. I do that a LOT. I really dislike having to run to the store to pick up one little thing. I'd rather have a variety of things on hand so that they are available to be when I want them.

The chili - well, you know I've stocked up on lots of ingrediants for that but I actually used some tomatoes that I had stewed and frozen (with green peppers and onion) at the end of last summer. I did add in one can of tomatoes that I bought as well.
Add a pound of ground beef (I'm DYING for a good ground beef sale right now), some beans, chili seasoning (which I always have around) and I'm good!

The queso - Just throwing in the crock pot some of the Wholly Queso I picked up a few weeks ago, that was BOGO at K.S. I have Velveeta that I picked up during the mega event last week but the Wholly Queso is a refrigerator item so it needs to get used first.

The sugar cookies - I always have cookie mixes on hand. This one wasn't one of the free ones I picked up back in Dec, but one that I've had around longer and needed to use. I haven't made cutout cookies in a long time but we have a cute football helmet cutter so I decided today was the day. There may be heart shaped cookies in our future soon as well. ;)

If we were having people over I would have made some other dips and such but this will be good for us. You don't have to go overboard...just have enough, that's all you need. :) And if you can avoid making an extra trip to the grocery store to do it, then that's even better. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Makes me wonder

**Warning - this is me pouring out the thoughts in my head after a long day. It's Avon related but in no means do I hope or expect ANY of my friends/customers to change their currents habits. This is just me using my outlet to work out some things on my mind. And it's uber long so I don't blame you if you don't even read it. It's more for my own benefit. :) **

Today was my monthly Avon sales meeting. I love going to these. All in all, there isn't anything mind blowing that happens but I get to see some reps that I've become aquainted/friends with and see my district sales manager (Summer), who I think is rockin. We always get free goodies (a big part of why I go...because you know how much I love free stuff), there are raffles plus we get all the info on upcoming campaigns.

  Summer also takes time to recognize some of the top sellers from the last 2 campaigns. I was on that list when I first started because they have a seperate catagory for new reps. Now that I'm up against the "big dogs", I'm usually not on the list. I was a month or so ago and that was awesome! It made me feel so good!! There are 606+ reps in our district, so to be in the top 20 is mind-blowing. This meeting I was no where NEAR the top 20. These ladies are selling machines! It blows me away how well these women do with their business. I have this feeling that I may not be cut out for the direct sales work but I'm enjoying having my Avon business so I'm sticking with least for now.
  You see, I care too much about what other people think of me. I'm so concerned about coming across as a "sales" lady and for people to think I'm pushing them to order, or to add onto their order, that I just don't get the business that I'd like. I love talking about our products because I think they are great (and if I don't, I'll say that too). I'd love to be that Avon lady that comes to a customer's house, with my samples in tow and hang out and talk about the brochure, try out samples, etc etc. Maybe people just don't want that "personal" service anymore. Maybe I've just never asked.
   Although I know I'll never make my millions with this job, it would be nice to feel like I'm making SOMEthing. Right now, I'm really not.
   I think I rely too much on technology. Maybe I shouldn't rely on my Facebook page, and e-mails, so much. Maybe I should be knocking on doors and making more phone calls. It's just that the internet is so convienant. It's nice to get the word out about a contest, or upcoming campaign information, with just the click of a button. I can send the message to as many people as I want, all at once! I love that! But do they really read it? Do they ever watch my videos? I'm on hold with making them because...well....I don't know if anyone cared. I've done contests and had no winners. I've spent hours typing out and preparing sales only to have VERY little sold.

  It's hard when you have 2 young kids and are trying to run this type of business. After I paid my $10 to sign up (yes, it really did only cost me $10 to start my Avon business), I realized that maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I should have waited another year or two, after the kids were a little older. But once I got started I realized how much I LOVE this company and I didn't want to just quit.

   I love Avon. I really do. I love their products. I love the affordability. I love the convienance. I LOVE what they stand for. I love that I work for a company that cares so much about ME, about breast cancer research, about ending domestic violence, and about empowering women in every way they can. I LOVE it. I love to work for them and I love that when I make my own purchases I know that my money is going to a great company. Avon's been around for 125 years!!! That is aMAzing. How many other U.S. companies have been around for over a century...and are thriving?? Not many. I am so proud, SO proud of having this business. I just wish I could help other people realize how wonderful Avon is.

  I think it's just a hard time right now. I know our economy stinks. I know people are struggling a bit, or at least are watching their pennies. You know I do too! This is coming from the coupon lady, so you KNOW I'm trying to save money just like everyone else.

  Anyway, I don't know what the purpose is of writing all this out, besides just to get these thoughts out of my head. I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't want to start knocking on doors to find new customers. It's just not who I am. I just wish I knew how to build excitement for products I love and a company I'm proud of. When I figure it out, I'm sure you'll know. :)

Money Saving/Couponing Meeting of the Minds

A while back I mentioned that I would LOVE to do a get together to talk about couponing and saving money. I am certainly no expert but I recieve questions from time to time so I'd love to be able to share some of my tips and tricks PLUS hear some from YOU.

So I set a date. Feb. 27th at 1pm. How does that sound?? If that's a bad weekend for most people, or there isn't much interest then I can cancel or reschedule. OR, if there is just a couple of us maybe we can just meet at a coffee shop or something. I'd LOVE to have a fair amount of people and I'd LOVE to know that I have (and can) help people save some $$$! PLUS I'd LOVE to hear what YOU do to save money.

Give me your thoughts and ideas on what you'd like to talk about, either generally or specifically and come with questions and your own tips and ideas as well.

There is an evite for the event here. Hopefully that link works for you and hopefully you can just add yourself to the evite. If not, send me your e-mail address and I'll add you.

Please RSVP by Feb. 21st so I know if I'm going to go ahead as planned. And yes, I'll reschedule if the weather is bad. :)