Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not Irish at all..

but I can't resist a holiday so we were all a little green yesterday.

I've never been one to really care much about St. Patrick's Day because my family isn't Irish (and I'm not a huge drinker), but once you have kids it's so much fun to celebrate every holiday.

We kicked the day off with green pancakes. My kids went nuts over them so I guess they are a keeper. Nothing fancy...just regular pancakes with green food coloring.

As you can see there was nothing left...

 Not much happened at lunch time but for supper the milk went green...
 And so did the jello...

Dessert was a small decorated cookie from my FAVORITE cookie shop, Eileen's Colossal Cookies. I grew with these cookies in Nebraska and was so excited when a location opened up in Highland's Ranch. They are soooooo good.

I hope you all had a little luck of the Irish yesterday!

Love and green goodies,


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