Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Props to Vistaprint

No, they aren't paying me anything to write this (I'm not that high profile of a blogger, lol) but I just have to say that if you haven't gone to Vistaprint you should! Even if you don't have a business, they do address labels and such too.

I placed an order on Oct 7th, payed for the slower speed of shipping (cuz I'm cheap like that) and got it today! They said it would take 21 days but, obviously, it arrived in 11!!!! That is AWESOME! They get huge props in my book just for that. And then the price! If you don't know, they do a lot of items for FREE! Here's what I picked up...

I made my own mousepad, a clicky pen, sticky notepad, labels (that I will be using on the front of old campaign brochures) and business cards. I got all of that for FREE except the business cards, which I paid $3.99 for 250! My grand total with shipping was $12.61! And now I feel super fancy with my custom mousepad and pen.

Anyway, I love them. I know I'll be ordering from them again and again and again. Just had to give them a shout out. :)

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