Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free this week at King Soopers!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I've picked up a few freebies lately but nothing that's really blown me away.

King Soopers has a Mega Event going on this week (and next since they usually run 2 weeks) and I scored!!

As you know I usually follow Jennie at Bargain Blessings for my matchups but, as we are all human, she missed some items that probably just weren't advertised. I just happened to be walking the store and found the freebies. SO, grab your Rozoni pasta coupons ($1 off of 2) that are expiring 3/31 and get some FREE pasta since they are priced at .49 with the Mega Event!!

The Maruchan Yakisoba noodle bowls are on sale for $1 right now (not with the Mega Event, just a regular sale) so get some of those for free also with .50 coupons out there (also expiring 3/31)!
The bumble bee tuna pouch and the Smart Water were deals I picked up from catalina's I had. The tuna ended up being .25 and the water was more than free since it was on sale for .49 and I had a .75 coupon.

So everything in that picture was FREE this week!

I still have some more of the pasta and noodle bowl coupons so I'll be grabbing those yet today and later this week. I've already sent some pasta off with my mom to donate to their church and I know I'll have more to donate since, really, how much pasta does one family need (even if it is the healthy kind, lol).

Happy shopping! Let me know what deals you scored!!

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  1. Oh thanks for the tip! I need to go today and I love the Ronzoni pasta!