Saturday, April 16, 2011

King Soopers haul!

I went to King Soopers this week not expecting to get toooo many great deals and walked out with all of this....

for $20.96, out of pocket, PLUS I have a $5 King Soopers gift card in my wallet!

Pictured are 7 "energy" bars (4 Power Bars, 3 Cliff), 10 packages of Steamfresh sides, 1 Colgate 360 toothbrush, 2 bottles of Suave kids detangler, 3 cleaning products, 1 3-pack of Puffs, 1 Suave deoderant and 4 boxes of cereal.

That wasn't my total grocery bill...I did go over budget this week (I try to stay under $75) BUT I did save 48% off my order.
The items in the picture were my best deals for the week.
The veggies were either .66 each or .50 depending on the coupon (I had some that were $1/3 and a couple $1/2).
The energy bars were either .16, .08!, or .38 because of the various coupons I had.
The cleaners were 1.50 and .99 each after sale and coupons.
The Puffs weren't an amazing deal ($3.50 for the 3 boxes) but we needed tissues and they were a part of the "Spring Cleaning" sale so I used them as one of my "buy 4 get $4 off" items.
The detangler was .99 and the toothbrush was $1
The Suave deoderant...well, it was on sale for .88 and I had a $1 off coupon. It didn't adjust down so they paid me .12 to take it out of the store (and it will be donated).
The cereal rocked my socks! The deal this week is buy 4 participating boxes and get a $5 gift card in return. I had 4 seperate coupons ($1 off each) PLUS I had an ecoupon that I didn't even remember I had that took an additional $3 the 4 boxes. If you factor in the $5 gift card, I MADE .24 on the 4 boxes!

I may not be an "extreme" couponer, but I think I do alright. I'm set with frozen veggies for a while, have some energy bars for those upcoming Nugget's playoff games, and I picked up a few other items that we needed.

How did you do this week?

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