Sunday, April 3, 2011

Faux makeup for little girls

Since I've become an Avon rep I've been working to get rid of some of my non-Avon makeup and only use the products I sell (as much as I can at least). I saw a post a while back about making faux makeup for your child and I had to pass it on. I've made two little cases for Nora (so far) and she loves playing with her makeup! She puts it on herself, on me and even Emmett (don't tell daddy but he asks for it). Since I'm about to do a post on my Avon site regarding "spring cleaning your makeup" I had to post about what to do with some of your old cases.

Have fun! Have some makeup to throw out but don't have a daughter to make makeup for? Send them to me! Nora will thank you. :)

Love and lots of faux makeup

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