Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Time Off

Last weekend my family took a trip to Nebraska to visit family and attend a rockin' Husker football game. Traveling with two toddlers, in the car for 10 hours, can be interesting but all in all my kids did great! The few days before the trip I spent packing, doing laundry and tying up all the loose ends you have to manage before leaving for out of town. The few days after the trip I've spent unpacking, doing laundry and tying up all the loose ends you have to manage after coming home from a trip.

I think I'm still recovering. lol

So in my recovery I've taken a bit of a couponing break. Yes, I did go to the store on Tuesday after we got back because, well, I had to. But I ended up getting the bare minimum of what we needed and just a couple free/cheap items.

The thing is, it's ok to miss a deal. It's ok to take a break. My freezer is full, my pantry is full and we just needed some of the basics.

I'm slightly pained when I see some good deals going on that I know I'm not going to snag but, all in all, I'm just too tired to really care.

The thing with couponing (for those of us who aren't extreme couponers) is that I can still have a life and step back from it and it's ok. There will always be good deals. It's not life or death if I miss something. My sanity is more important.

Now off to finish folding some laundry...

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