Monday, April 30, 2012

A little bargain shopping today

Today I was out and about, running a few errands and wanted to share a few of my deals. I know I haven't done much of that lately. We are still having home internet issues so between that and everything else going on around here (getting boy things ready for consignment, garage sales and giving to friends) I haven't taken a lot of time to just sit on the computer.

Can I tell you my other issue? It's not a bad thing, but ever since I received my iPhone I have been using it to check email, Facebook, etc so that's another reason I haven't been on my laptop as much...and blogging from my phone isn't very easy. :)

So on to the deals...

My first stop was at Walgreens. I went in with one thing in mind...pacifiers! Maybe I should have waited until they were on sale but I didn't want to have to deal with them being out of stock when/if that time came (especially since I'm about 30 minutes from my closest store).

The Avent Soothie was Nora's favorite when she was a baby. I couldn't get her to use any other kind. Emmett didn't like them as much so it's a toss up as to which ones the new addition will like. I thought I'd take a risk and pick some up. If she doesn't like them, I can give them to friends who are also expecting, or donate them elsewhere.

Regular price of $4.49 - $2 off coupon from the Walgreens May coupon book (pick one up in the store) - $1.50 off from an online coupon = .99 for a 2 pack!
I also received a coupon for $3 off an Avent bottle. Not sure if I'll use it but that's a great coupon to be given (it's the thought that counts, right?)
With tax I paid $5.40 for all four packages, with a savings of $14!!

Collin at Hip2Save posted about this deal so you can check it out here. I reached my print limit on the coupon so I can't tell if it's still available to print or not. If so, pick a couple up! What a great baby shower gift or item to donate.
A note with the Walgreens coupons - one coupon will deduct for as many as you buy, unless there is a limit specified on the coupon itself. So I only needed one coupon to get the $2 off all four packages.

Next I went to Safeway.

I did most of my end of the month grocery shopping at King Soopers this week (as usual) and used up my grocery budget for the week, but decided to pop into Safeway anyway to pick up a couple things.

Everything below cost a total of $8.21 with a savings of $25.20 (75%).

We were out of bananas so those were just something we needed.
Kix was also something we were also dangerously low on, and if you are in my house at breakfast time and we don't have Kix for Nora it can get ugly! lol They weren't on sale (ugh) but I did have a $1 off coupon so that helped a little.
The Ken's Salad dressing was FREE with the .99 sale - minus a $1 off coupon expiring today. The cashier did have to adjust down my 4th coupon because of the .01 overage on the coupons but he did it with no problem. :)
The Precious String Cheese was a part of their BOGO free sale, ending today (and also something we were low on). They were $5.99 a pack and then I used a $1 off coupon from yesterday's newspaper, which made them $2.50 a package for the 16 count. Not to shabby, I think!

Note - at Safeway you can only use one coupon, for your two items, on a BOGO free sale (unlike at King Soopers). You can check out Safeway's coorperate coupon policy here (the BOGO senario is noted on #4).

My last stop was to run into the Dollar Tree and see if they still had any Sunday newspapers left. Luckily they did and I picked up a couple extra since yesterday's paper had 4 inserts!

I hope you all have had some fun and successful shopping lately.

Love and a few good deals,


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