Thursday, April 12, 2012

The thoughts in my head...

...rarely make it to my blog. I can believe it's been almost a months since I've posted.

Part of that time we were dealing with computer issues. Our home internet would go off and on constantly and then was off for about 2 days. We have a new router and (knock on wood) it looks like it's finally fixed.
So, during all that time, I didn't feel like toying with my computer too least doing much of anything overly productive.
In the meantime, I have aquired a new iPhone 4S so luckily I had that as a back up to check messages and such...just not a great tool to create a blog post.

Since my last post, I've been chugging along in my pregnancy. I'm now 23 weeks along and a few weeks ago, when we had our ultrasound, we found out we are having another girl! Poor Emmett will be stuck in between 2 girls. lol And poor daddy is going to have to deal with a lot of hormones (right now mine are enough for him to handle).

I'm glad Spring has finally sprung. I love the warmer weather and I really look forward to it continuing. Everyone comments on how I'll be very pregnant during summer, and how horrible that will be, but I went through that with both Nora and Emmett so it's nothing new. I'd rather be warm, with a fan blowing on me (or inside with the A/C going), than cold. I really don't like to be bundled up and feeling cold.

As far as couponing...of course I've been keeping that up. I went shopping today and saved 48% on my bill, picking up laundry detergent and fabric softener for $1.99 each, free Suave deoderant and boxes of Jello, and .99 boxes of cereal!

I know that as time goes on, and I get more uncomfortable, my grocery trips may be shortened but I love grocery shopping! I'm blessed to have occassions when I can go by myself and take my time going through the aisles. Besides, I have to continue to keep active, right? Walking through King Soopers won't raise my heart rate (unless I find FABULOUS unadvertised deals like I did today on the Sauve and Jello) but it's something. :)

So until next time, I hope you have successful, money saving ventures.

Love and little baby kicks in my belly,


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