Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I know it's been a long time since I've done a post. Having 2 toddlers and a newborn does take it's toll on my computer time. lol
I feel like I'm online a fair amount but it's usually on my iPhone. The time I do spend on my laptop is usually one-handed, or I know I only have a few minutes before someone wakes up. As I type I have a wee one on my lap...and she's starting to squirm.

I never really took a break from couponing, although my coupon binder gets a little neglected, from time to time, and I have to play catchup. I fully intended on not getting to the grocey store during those first few weeks post-partum, but I guess I'm too controlling when it comes to my grocery shopping. lol My mother went with me the first week and my mother-in-law helped/joined me on a trip a couple weeks later so I never skipped a week.

I've been keeping up with King Soopers deals but that's usually about it because I don't have the time to head out to other stores and do much shopping. Today, I had my oldest daughter with me while I was running errands and we made a stop at Albertsons.

I didn't take a picture my purchases because I had put all the cold stuff away as soon as I got home and didn't feel up to dragging it back out for a picture. But here's what I grabbed...

Albertson's has a Buy 8 items, Get $4 off sale this week so here's what I picked with that sale...

3 Hamburger Helper - .99 on sale + .75/3 coupon = .74 each
Keebler Vanilla Wafer cookies - 1.99 on sale (no coupon...just had a hankering)
Langers Juice - .99 on sale (no coupon)
Zatarain Rice - .69 each (I guess there is a coupon out there but I must not have clipped it)
2 Magnum Ice Cream bars - 2.49 on sale + $1 coupon (printed online a while back) = $1.49!

Other items:

Broccoli - .88/lb
Banana's - .55/lb
2 Milk - 1.97 gallon
2 Doritos - BOGO free + the $1/2 coupon from this last week's paper = 1.64 each
4 Old Orchard Juice (frozen) - $1.50 + $1/4 coupon (printed online) = $1.25 each
Keebler cheese and crackers - $1.99 (no coupon but my kids love these and that's a decent sale price)
Precious Mozzerella - 3.99 on sale + $1 coupon = $2.99 (I've been loving this lately...eating it with cherry tomatoes from my garden, oil, balsamic vinegar an basil...yum!!)

and 2 Brachs autumn mix candy - $1.50 on sale + $1.50/2 coupon = .75 a bag

My grand total was $30.10 with a savings of $38.51.

Yes, I know, I bought some junk food but you have to treat yourself sometimes, especially when you are getting some good deals! You can't go through life depriving yourself just for sake of your budget. Get a few goodies now and again! With all the couponing I do I feel lke I deserve it (like that justification?) As you see, nothing I picked up today cost over $2 (oops...ok, the mozzerella but that's normally $9.99!!).

I hope you are having some great store experiences! If not, let me know! I'd love to help!

Love and treats in my pantry (and freezer),


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