Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love saving money. :)

Today was my first official garage sale of the season! I love it!! I have been DYING to go to a garage sale. I saw one in the paper (2 actually but the other one must have changed their mind), so I loaded up the kids in the car and off we went. What did I find? These:

They are the cutest little kid chairs. As you can see they are a little dirty, but the red covers come off and they are currently getting washed. They were only $10 for the pair! They will look great in our basement.

After that I was off to King Soopers because I had a couple things I wanted to get. They have all their Crayola supplies at BOGO so I picked up some paints for Nora. While I'm there, I always check the markdown racks to see what goodies I can find. Today was a good day. Besides a few odds and ends, I found lots of baby food and treats! I actually left a few behind (I didn't take EVERYthing there) but here's my loot:

Regular price on all those items would have cost me $40.94. I paid $11.88!!!! Part of that was because I had coupons that I was able to use with them, which saved me $5 right there. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I LOVE a good deal and I love that I decided to bring my coupons in with me to the store. I wasn't going to at first but I thought, "eh, you never know what you'll find". Boy was I right. :)

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