Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warning: Potty Training ramblings

::Disclaimer - this post is about potty training and could possibly be a bit graphic. If you aren't interested then read no more. I am psyched, however, so I need to document it.::

I haven't been consistant with doing any potty training for Nora. When we thought about starting to do some preliminary potty training, that's when Emmett arrived and we didn't want to do anything new like that when so many changes were happening in our house. Plus, she is one of those kids who can walk around with poop in her diaper for an hour and care less, so that doesn't help any.

We've had her potty seat out for a LONG time now and she sits on it occassionally but nothing had ever happened. We also have a potty chair at my parent's house and about a month ago Nora went peepee in it, while I was at work, and my parent's were watching the kids. It was an exciting night but it never happened again.

Tonight I was giving Emmett and bath and Nora was helping/getting in my way and she mentioned that she wanted to sit on the potty. I was done bathing him and ready to dry him off, etc so I said sure. She sat down and a few seconds later she tooted and, well, stuff came out with it (I told you it would be graphic, sorry). It freaked her out and she started crying but after I talked with her and showed her what was in the potty (and how excited I was about it) she calmed down and was happy. She stayed on the potty, tooting some more, but nothing else came out. I know technically it wasn't a real "poop in the potty" experience but she sat down, stuff came out of her bottom and made it into the potty so I'm counting it.

I'm hoping it's a sign of better things to come. I think I can handle being more consistant with getting her to sit on the potty. It's hard to do with having an infant as well. I don't know how people do...I'm sure I need some training myself. She's going out of town, for a few days, in a couple weeks so maybe I'll wait to be on a schedule with her until after she gets back. In the meantime, I'm following her lead and hopefully things will progress. I'm so proud of her. :)

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