Sunday, June 27, 2010

(almost) Free for me this week

I did O-K this week with shopping but I was preoccupied with getting my Avon order in to really get out there and find the deals. But it just seemed like there wasn't much too exciting at King Soopers this week. Here's what I ended up with...

The Pull-Ups came from a free coupon that I got when I "hosted" (it's in parentheses because the party didn't officially happen due to lack of interest) a Pull-Ups House Party. The thing with it is that I acutally ended up making money on it. The Pull Ups are on sale this week for $8.99 but when she entered in the coupon value she entered in the regular price of $9.77 so I made .78 on it. :)

We don't usually buy canned cat food but the Iams were in the discount bin for .38 each. I had a BOGO coupon so they ended up being .19 a piece. It will be a nice little treat for the kitties. Speaking of treats, The Goodlife Recipe treats were also in the markdown bin for only .89. I had a dollar off coupon so I made .11 on them!! ALWAYS check the markdown areas, you never know what you'll find!!!

The Ragu was a free coupon that I recieved from King Soopers, in the mail. I LOVE the coupons they send me. It's rare to get a free one, but I am SOOO happy when I do. I made money on that one too. With the buy 10 participating items and get $3 off sale this week, the Ragu was $1.25. They (again) gave me the original price back for the coupon, which was $ me .30 back. I love being paid to take items home!

The Sure deoderant was .50. They are on sale for $2 this week and I had a $1.50 coupon. Not free, but not bad either!

Lastly, the Pure Protien bar was on sale for $1 and I had a .50 coupon that doubled to make it free! AND it's peanut butter marshmallow flavor, YUM!!

I'm hoping to hit Albertson's in the next couple days. They have a bunch of coupons in their ad and you can stack manufacturer coupons with those making some good deals (especially when they are doubling and tripling coupons!)

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