Friday, July 2, 2010

Hitting the nail on the head

This last Avon order I ordered some items for myself both in my regular order and via direct delivery (long story, but it helps with my earnings percentage). There was some of Avon's regular nail polish on sale, which I ordered regularly, and then their Speed Dry Nail polish in the outlet (clearance section), which I ordered in my direct delivery order. When I recieved my orders I realized that I should have paid more attention to the colors I bought...

Do you think I should have bought a little variety?? lol I guess I wanted to get a red, a pink and a really light pink (that's what the far right is...not the nude color it looks like). I thought about returning some of them but I decided I'd keep them. The speed dry will be good for Nora's toes (she's now obsessed with her "pretty toes") and my fingers. Then I can use the regular polish on my toes. Besides they were really inexpensive...I just thought it was a little funny.

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