Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cooking, cooking, cooking

My grandparent's stayed at our house over this last weekend (what a MANY ways) and when they arrived my grandma brought with her bags of fresh veggies. Some were from her garden (I think) and others were some that were given to her, purchased at a Farmer's market.
Because of his food issues, Jim can't eat uncooked veggies so I'm trying to figure out what to do with all of this. I think I've got it mostly under control (there really isn't THAT much left) but I've been busy in the kitchen.

I took the tomatoes and stewed them up with some onion and green peppers. That will go in the freezer and will be great to put in chili this winter.

I took some squash and sweet potatoes and steamed and pureed them. I have some recipies where you can sneak in veggie purees so I'm going to give those a shot and get some veggies into these kids.

I have a watermelon staring at me. I've chopped some of it up just to eat but Jim can't eat raw fruit either so there is no way Nora and I will eat a whole watermelon before it goes bad. I'm going to blend some up and freeze it to make watermelon ice. I've never done it before but it sounds easy so hopefully I won't mess it up.

I have about 5 oranges I need to contend with (they were ones I bought a week ago so I need to figure those out) and also some cucumbers. I've already have a big container of cucumbers with vingar and dill (YUM!) so I don't know if I can handle any more of those right now. Suggestions?

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