Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mincing garlic

Have you ever minced your own garlic? I love watching Sandra Lee on Food Network, and she had a great suggestion about making your own miced garlic (instead of buying those expensive jars of it).

While at the grocery store I bought a head of garlic. I just peel the garlic and seperate out the cloves. Pop those into my food processor (I have a little one that I LOVE) along with some olive oil and mince. Then all I have to do it put that in my old container (the one that I spent $3 on) and viola!...minced garlic at 1/4 (or more) of the price.


  1. Does it smell up the kitchen? How long does it last for?

  2. It does smell up the kitchen a little bit. I have learned to handle the garlic as little as possible. The first time I did it I had no idea how much it would stink up my hands. I think they smelled like garlic for days!
    It lasts for quite a few months. About the same as you figure the other garlic you buy will last.