Monday, February 14, 2011

Track record

I've never had a good track record for Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's never been one of my favorite holidays but I'm starting to like it more (thanks to having kids).

You see, before I met my husband I had always been single on Valentine's Day. Yes, ALWAYS been single. I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than about 9 months and those months never fell in February.
My girlfriends and I would try and get out there and have fun, though. I distinctly remember going out after work and sharing a "death by chocolate" at Bennigans. I think this happened more than one year in a row.

In 2002 I was taken to the E.R. on Valentine's Day. I was at work, getting ready to start a busy day at Macaroni Grill, when a horrible pain came over me. I could barely walk, I started sweating and I turn ghostly pale (more than I normally am). One of my co-workers drove me to the hospital where I found out that I had an ovarian cyst that had burst...ya, OUCH!

That was the first day I had ever heard the word endometriosis. 

Four months later I was having surgery for my "condition" and the rest is history.

This year, I sit here at home with my kids after spending the day being sick with the flu. It hit me about 7pm last night and continued all night long. My husband was sweet enough to take part of the day off from work to help take the kids to and from the Learning Center (I did NOT want them to miss out on their first real Valentine's Day with friends) and tend to me a little bit.

Even though I felt, physically, miserable all day I was overjoyed to see my daughter come home with decorated kleenex box full of Valentines. My little man doesn't understand the holiday yet, but he had a few treats which definatly made him smile. As for my husband, he appeared with a sweet card and some beautiful flowers (I love that he doesn't just pick out plain ol' roses) and I felt so much love.

I hope you did too.