Friday, October 28, 2011

Albertsons score!

I hopped over to Albertsons today and scored with some great deals!

Total Spent: $24.50
Total Saved: $54.94

The breakdown:
Coke products - 12 packs 4 for $10 (you have to buy 4 to get the sale price)
Ground beef - 93% for $2.49/lb. Not outstanding but a pretty good sale
Oatmeal - just needed some, bonus that it was on sale for $1.67
Cereal - Select General Mills on sale for $1.49 when you buy in multiples of 4. I had coupons which made some of them $1 and some of them were only .50!
Chicken Tenders - on sale for $3.99 and I had a $1 off coupon (I've seen better deals but my daughter likes chicken "muggets" right now so I picked some up)

The Tresemme products were my best deal. I got all 4 products for FREE!! Albertsons has them on sale this week BOGO free. A 10/02 newspaper insert had a BOGO free coupon. I wasn't sure if it would fly with Albertsons (I know Walgreens lets you do it) but I gave it a shot. The cashier asked a head clerk and the head clerk went back into an office to ask someone else. She came back saying it could be used because Tresemme would honor it. WOOHOO! If there weren't 3 people in line behind me (and my 2 kids in the car cart) I would have ran back and grabbed more! I have more coupons and I fully plan to go back by 10/31 (when they expire) to get some more FREE products (as well as some more cereal)! As long as the shelves haven't been cleared by then, lol.

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