Friday, October 14, 2011

My Extreme Thoughts

I know I've chatted about Extreme Couponing before but this week's episode really irked me. So I apologize in advance that my first blog post in a while is a gripe post.

This week they featured a lady named Callie. I was pretty proud that Colorado was being represented because she lives in Thornton. I was quickly irritated when I saw that she was going to shop at King Soopers and did NOT have to abide by their coupon policy.

If you have not seen it, King Soopers FINALLY released a corperate coupon policy. You can read it here. I highly recommend printing it out and keeping it with you while shopping. That way there is no confusion at the register.

What did Callie get away with?

1. She got money back! - I have been able to score a few "money maker" deals before but it has been rare. I think they have cracked down on their policy and if I do make money on a coupon deal its most likely an error. It states, in their coupon policy that "coupons may not exceed the value of the item". I've seen a coupon double up to the price of the item, automatically at the register. For example, an item is on sale for .88. I have a .50 coupon and it only doubles to an extra .33.

2. She was able to use a large amount of like coupons in the same transaction! - My King Soopers (and many in the Denver area that I know of) have a 3 coupon per like item limit. This stops people from clearing the shelves and although I think that's a nice thing, I'm disappointed that the limit is only 3. I don't think 4 or 5 is unreasonable....but that's my personal opinion.

I know, it's TV so they probably made an exception for her but it's still annoying. I acutally enjoy watching the epiodes where people go to the register and have to split up transactions because of the store coupon policy. It's more realistic...imagine that! Realism on a "reality" based tv show.

I'm heading off to King Soopers today. There aren't any amazing deals this week but I'll see what I can find.

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