Monday, October 31, 2011

I almost danced a jig

Today was one of the few times that I was SO excited about my deals that I almost danced right there in King Soopers. I'm sure I looked like a fool walking out with a grin on my face but I couldn't contain it!

Here's my score from King Soopers and Albertsons...

Total out of pocket for everything above: $25.13
Total Savings: $98.98
Catalinas back - $8!

Here's the scoop:

Albertsons: I used my other 4 Tresemme coupons to get all 8 of those products for FREE!! There was a mix-up at the register and the cashier became a bit confused after entering a coupon in wrong and instead of paying the tax on the items (which was all I would have paid) she gave me money back. I tried to correct her but she was sure she was right. I didn't want to keep up the back and forth because there was a man waiting in line behind me (not sure how much patience he had) so I took what she gave me and left. For the record, I do feel a bit guilty but I did try and correct her. Anyway, instead of paying $1.85 (which I would have been more than happy to do) I came out with a $1.20 overage.

King Soopers: I went in with a mission to score the Catalina deal on the Huggies and snag some free Crest toothpaste. I also had my other coupons that were expiring today and I walked the isles to see if there were any other deals. Boy did I find some!

Huggies diapers: 9.39 on sale - two $2 coupons
$2.44 for wipes - $1 coupon (would NOT have bought them at that price if it wasn't for the catalina)
I recieved the $5 catalina because of spending over $20 on Huggies THEN I recieved another surprise catalina for another $3 (also from Huggies). I'm not sure about that one but it looks like it had to do with buying 2 packages of diapers.
So that worked out to be $16.22 out of pocket and $8 back in catalinas!

Candy: $2 a package plus two $1.50/2 coupons so that's $5 for all 4 packages BUT I also had an e-coupon come off for another $2 (which I didn't notice initially) so that means I paid only $3 for all 4 packages!!

Skinny Cow candy: BOGO free catalina that had printed out for me a while back so they were .89 for both (my splurge...and they are yummy!)

Carefree: $1.09 - $1 coupon = .09 each

Crest: $1 sale - $1 coupon = FREE

Gum toothbrushes : $1 sale - $1 coupon = FREE

Marietti raisens: .99 on closeout - $1 coupon = FREE (the coupon did adjust down so I did not recieve an overage)

CoverGirl concealers: $4.55 each - $8/2 coupon x2 = .55 each (sorry Avon, I couldn't pass up .55 you don't have much for liquid concealers in my shade anyway)

So there you have it!! I've been a little bummed with deals lately but today it all turned around. I sometimes get myself into trouble at the end of the month. I take my expiring coupons in and sometimes end up using them just because I have them. I was a good girl today and only used the ones were I would get a killer deal. 

My other treat today...a free car wash! A man was in front of me at a drive-thru car wash. He motioned for me to back up and proceeded to tell me to enjoy a free wash! He put his money in and then couldn't get his drivers side window to roll back up (he was in an old pickup) so he couldn't go through. I went back and forth with him about giving him money but he wouldn't take it (what is it with people not taking my money today?). He wished me a Happy Halloween and off we went.

The sun is shining and I have extra money in my pocket (and a counter full of goodies). Life is good and I am so blessed.

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