Monday, December 26, 2011

After Christmas Shopping at King Soopers

Since my husband it working today, and I don't have the energy to take both of my kids out to the big stores with me, my main after Christmas shopping will have to wait until tomorrow.
Since my in-laws will be arriving tomorrow afternoon, I had just a few last minute groceries to pick up so I loaded the kids up and we went to King Soopers.
Besides my groceries (no big food scores to tell about), I did go through the seasonal aisle and picked up a few items at 50% off. I snagged a few replacement light bulbs for our outdoor lights (I probably should have bought more than I did so I'll be watching for more), a few of those gel clings that you can stick on windows (Nora loves helping me put those up) and these other great deals that will be perfect year round...
I found some 2 prong to 3 prong converters. They aren't exactly like these, but you get the idea. I had a couple times recently when I had a 3 prong item and only a 2 prong outlet available. They were under $2 on sale and will go straight into the cabinet above my dryer (with all the other household items), I also picked up a Three Outlet Adapter, similar to this (not GE brand). It was also under $2 with the sale so it's another great item to just have on hand.
A big score for me was picking up some Bic Candle Lighters. They are similar to these but are white. I don't know what the difference between the "Candle" lighters and the regular red ones are but these are used frequently in our house. They were 50% off, priced at $1.99, and I had 3 coupons I used. Two were for $1 off (so I bought two for .99) and one for $2 off so I got one FREE!

I also saw a few extension cords and other useful year round items so, even if you don't go out to the big stores today, you can find some great deals just about anywhere...for any time of year. :)

Happy Saving!


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