Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a Heel!

If you are like me, the heel of your bread doesn't get a lot of love. I rarely eat it and, more often than not, it can get end up in the trash (or fed to the birds). Well, not anymore!

Want to know what I do with my bread heels? Make bread crumbs!

I haven't purchased bread crumbs in a very long time after I realized I was wasting money by A) throwing away part of my loaf of bread and B) paying money for bread crumbs!

Here's the process...

Take the heels of your bread and let them sit out for a couple days so they get stale/hard.

Break them up and little and put them in the food processor.

Pulse until your get the consistancy you want. You can make them really rough or very fine.

Put them in an airtight container (I loooove the OXO brand containers! I use them for quite a few things in my kitchen) and store!

It cannot be easier! If you like herb bread crumbs, just grab your dry seasoning of choice and mix it in (Italian bread crumbs are usually a favorite) when it's time to use it.
You can, obviously, do this with regular pieces of bread too but we usually don't have a problem eating a loaf of bread before it goes bad. It's just those heels that hang around and can get wasted at our house.

Love and using it ALL!


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