Thursday, February 9, 2012

Give me a Quarter Back!

I just got back from my weekly King Soppers trip. There isn't much that's mind blowing this week but a few good deals so here's what I stocked up on...

Everything in the picture above cost me $21.70 plus I recieved $6.25 back from the King Soopers Quarter Back deal this week.
If you haven't checked it out, buy any of the participating items and recieve .25 back, on each item, in the form of a catalina. You must purchase at least 4 items to recieve the .25 back (guess they don't want to print out coupons under $1.) The nice thing is, unlike a Mega Event, you don't have to buy in multiples of 4, you just have to buy at least 4 items and you can rack up as many as you want after that. Also unlike a Mega Event, it doesn't come off your total at checkout, it's a coupon for next time. That doesn't bother me since I go to King Soopers every week.

Here are what my Quarter Back catalina's look like...

They don't expire until March 2nd so I have plenty of time to use them.

Hop over to Bargain Blessings to see the rundown on the sales and to find links to some of the coupons needed for some of the deals, and don't forget to read the comments! I found a couple good deals there (i.e. find the hang tags on certain A&W, 7-up, Sunkist products for $1 off the soda when you buy bananas...that makes the soda free!)

All in all I spent $58.18 and saved $47.84 plus I have $6.25 to use towards my next purchase. Not too shabby!

Love and Quarters,


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