Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grocery goods

Alright, so obviously the Frugal Friday thing isn't going to work. Whatever, no biggy. Maybe no one even reads these posts so no one cares anyway, but I guess I'll still do them, if for no other reason than my own amusement.

I went over to Byer's General Store again yesterday. They had Shur Fine canned vegetables for 39 cents a can. Since their 30 cent sale a couple weeks ago did not include peas I had to go and stock up on those. They also had 8oz cans of Tomato sauce for 19 cents. I love having a few of those on hand for stews, roasts, etc. I would have picked up some fresh veggies but we are heading out of town this next week so I didn't see a big need for that.

King Soopers has their Cart Buster Event this week but, honestly, I'm not too impressed. That said, there are a few items I'll take advantage of...I just won't be busting my cart over it. Jim's a big fan of Toaster Studel's so I'll pick up some of those. At $1.99 plus the $1/2 coupon from and the newspaper that's a pretty good deal. I'll also pick up some Duracell Batteries. The small packs are on sale for $1.99, and with $1 coupons from the newspaper that's a great buy. Having kids you know you always need to have various batteries on hand.
Honestly, those are the main items that stood out for me. In their regular ad, they have BOGO strawberries and mushrooms so I might have to get a few of those to use before we head out of town. They also have DiGiorno and C.P.K. frozen pizza's for $4.47, which is a great sale price. and the newpaper always have coupons for them and those are some of my favorite frozen pizza's to buy.

IF people are interested, I can do more with these posts...linking to coupons (if I can figure out how to get the link to work), etc etc. I just know there are better blogs out there than mine...people who have the time and energy to do it. I really like Bargain Blessings. She's local and does a great run thru of grocery ads and lots of other great deals that are out there. She's at

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