Wednesday, March 3, 2010

$3 craft?!

It all started with some ceramic letters that I found at JoAnn's Fabric for 25 cents a piece. I've had them since I was pregnant. I actually bought them before I had told Jim that I 100% agreed on the name if he saw them it would have been a little happy surprise. And here it is...

Going into it, I wasn't sure exactly what my plan was. I just knew that for 25 cents a piece I could figure out something. So I took the plain white letters, used some craft paint I already had, and dolled them up.
The picture frame was one I had previously used but it had been sitting in storage and I wasn't intending to hang the picture back up in our house.
I used cardboard from a box in the garage and bought a piece of remnant fabric ($1.50) from JoAnn's to stretch and adhere to the cardboard to make the background.
The lines of tan and blue are scrap pieces of leather that have been sitting with some of my craft items.

To rehash that:
frame - free
cardboard - free
fabric - $1.50
scraps of leather - free
paint for letters - free
letters - $1.50

I know, I know, ultimately yes I did pay for that frame at some point, and the paint, and the leather...I don't remember where it came from. BUT, as far as supplies purchased for this craft - $3.00
It doesn't look professional...things I make rarely ever do, but what the heck. It's now a part of Emmett's room good, bad, or otherwise.

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