Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free this week

I never thought I would be that person taking pictures of my groceries and writing about them (well, I did, but then I realized there are bloggers 100 times better at it than I am so I'll let them take the lead). However, I am always excited when I score free stuff so I have to share. If you want a heads up on the freebies every week, let me know and I'll either send them to you myself or point you to my favorite bloggers.

Here's what I ended up with...

From left to right: the Snikiddy snacks came from Babies R Us, was directed to a free coupon online and was able to print 2 of them. I didn't know B-R-U had them so that was a nice surprise when I went there today.
The marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey's were from a Walgreens deal this week. The crackers and chocolate were $3 each and if you bought both of those items you recieved the Jet-Puffed for free. Then I had a $1 off coupon from this last Sunday's paper. They ended up being free for me because I had a $5 register rewards certificate so that paid for the 3 items.
The Grape Nuts also came from Walgreens. They are on sale for $1.75 this week and I recieved a $2 off coupon online. Normally they would probably price adjust that down to the $1.75 but the cashier didn't. Since they won't actually give you money back I had to buy one more item. I bought the Snaps (one of my FAVORITE candies) as a treat to myself. So, no, those weren't free but I paid $1.83 for all 5 items. :)

The last 6 items were from Albertsons. This week (ending today) they have a coupon in their ad for buy 1 get 2 free on the Finesse. Since you can stack manufactorer coupons with store coupons, I used a $1 off coupon, from this week's Sunday paper, along with the BOG2. AND, also in the newspaper was a rebate offer for $3 on Finesse. One bottle of Finesse is $4.00 so, if you do the math, that's BOG2 + $1 coupon + $3 rebate = 3 free bottles of Finesse!...and the rebate is in the mailbox today.
The Nivea body wash was on sale for $3.99 and I had a $4 off coupon for that (yes, they adjusted it down to $3.99 so I didn't make a penny on it).
The Flips were on sale for $1 and that was free with my .50 coupon that Albertson doubled this week. And the Marcal paper towel was free with a coupon from the newspaper as well. They have those coupons a lot but I didn't know Albertson's carried the single rolls so I hadn't been able to use one before (my King Soopers doesn't carry them).

So that was my free stuff from the last 2 days. Not too shabby huh?


  1. Nice job! I really need to get better about this and get more things for free.I was just thrilled when I used $40 worth of coupons last week yet I still spent $120...but that did include formula so it's not terrible I guess. Great job Steph!

  2. Annie - one thing I've learned, especially with seeing blogs from all the coupon queens out there, is to try not to compare yourself with others. Saving $40 is still saving $40 and that's awesome! I see some pleople who spend a total of $200 a month on groceries and it kills me! I only wish I could be that good...but I do what I can. And ya, formula kills my savings percentage. lol