Friday, May 14, 2010


I know I've been M.I.A. lately. Seems like it's usually one thing after another. Then there are days that I feel like posting but I'm not near the computer. Then when I am in front of the computer I forget what I was going to write about. Then there are other days I don't feel like I have anything important, or witty, to say at today. But here I am. :)

My family had our annual garage sale last weekend. I had boxes, and boxes, and boxes of items. I came home with $214 and boxes, and boxes, and boxes or items. I don't know how that happens. I figure I may have gotten rid of 7 boxes of things, but I still have about 15 here at the house. So, ya know, what can ya do? Well, I'm participating in another garage sale in about a month! Woohoo! I'm hoping to get rid of 7(or more) boxes of things. ;) After that we'll see what I can consign and what might be able to go on Craigslist.

Tomorrow 2 of my girlfriends and I are hosting a baby shower for a friend. It will be nice to have some "girl time". PLUS, the fun part about the shower...I was selected as a host for a Gerber Generations Houseparty. If you don't know about houseparties, you need to go to and sign up. I've attended one and been the host of 3. Anyway, the party is supposed to be held on the 15th, which matched up perfectly with the shower we're hosting. So, tomorrow I have boxes of goodies/freebies courtesy of Gerber, for any of the party guests that want them (or that can pass them along to their friends). How cool is it to have your baby shower sponsored by Gerber? lol

Off to make cupcakes...

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