Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ding Dong...

Avon calling.

That's right, I'm now and Avon lady! Who would have thunk it? Me? I'm not sure. I've always liked Avon products and I always thought they were a stand up company, I'm just not sure if I ever thought I would be a person to sell it. I'm not much of a face to face sales person, really. So it may be funny that I've decided to sell products for extra money. I posted on my Avon Facebook page all about why I chose Avon over other companies, but to summorize, it's a great company that's been around almost 125 years and they have great products! I also love that the products vary so much in price and so it's not a splurge to by their products. A lot of times, you can buy their makeup, skin care and bath and body products cheaper than you can at drug stores and big box stores AND they are quality items. When they have personal care items that have been consistant sellers since 1961 you know it's good stuff.

I don't ever want to be that annoying pushy friend who is always talking about Avon, so I'll keep it to a minimum. I just hope that people who haven't tried Avon products will look over the items they have available and give them a shot. You may find your new favorite lip gloss, fragrance or skin care product and it will cost just as much (or less!) than what you are paying now.

And, as always, if you are intersted in being an Avon representative yourself let me know. It only cost me $10 to start!

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