Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100th Post - Just the usual

So I have to admit that I've been sitting here waiting to do my 100th post because I wanted to write something interesting and exciting since, well, it's number 100! I guess I just don't have anything interesting and exciting to write about so it's just more of the usual. That's not a bad thing though because I LOVE King Soopers Mega Events!
Because I was gone over the weekend, I didn't do my weekly grocery shopping until yesterday, but here is what I got this week fro 50 cents or less!

Most everything you see above was FREE...the only things I paid for were:
2 bottles of Propel (.49 each on sale, no coupon needed...I had a coupon that made the other 2 free), the 4 bottles of BBQ sauce (.49 each on sale, no coupon needed). The Mentos were .30 each ($1 sale and then .35 coupon), yogurt was .50 (1.50 on sale and a .50 coupon) and the Uncle Ben's Rice packets were .29 each (1.29 on sale and $1 coupon). Everything else was FREE!
I will be donating most of the pasta because I'm up to my ears in it right now, as well as the Ivory soap.

I didn't do quite as well as I hoped I would this week (spent more than I planned) but I ended up with some pretty good deals and, all in all, I saved 53% off my order. The difference between me and an extreme couponer is that 1) I buy 6 boxes of pasta, not 100 and 2) I still have to buy other food too (i.e. milk, bread, meat, etc).  I think I do pretty darn good otherwise. :)

Later in the day I made a quick stop into Walmart. I accidentally left one of Emmett's drinking cups at the dr's office the day before and they (**gasp**) threw it away! SO I went to go pick up another one. I knew that I had a few coupons that would be expiring soon that would make for some freebies at Walmart so that's why I chose to go there. Here's what I picked up for FREE there...

The Nivea is a no brainer deal. They are regularly priced at $3 at Walmart (possibly less at some locations) and there is a $3 off coupon that's expiring this week. Free body wash!! (I'm donating those also.)
The Degree deoderants were a sneaky deal, but not really. Well there are some degree coupons expiring this week that are good on ANY Degree deoderant (there are seperate men's and women's coupons). So, off to the travel section where they are priced at .97 each. Free travel deoderant!

The Mega Event goes through this next week so if you haven't picked up some freebies make sure you hop over there. Just remember to make sure and count your items so you end up with bundles of 10 (buy 10 get $5 off). I had 4 sets of 10 products and kept track of them, as I put them in my cart, on my shopping list.

Happy shopping everyone and happy 100th post!

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