Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Art of Being Grateful

I think being grateful is a dying art. We all want more, more, more and not thankful for what we are given. This is a value that I try and teach my children every day but it's something that was lost at a table full of women the other day.

Last Thursday I attended Avon's annual President's Recognition Gala. I was invited to attend because of achieving the President's Club level in sales last sales year. You can read all about the award I won here. I was very touched and honored but that's not what I want to talk about right now.

I sat next to a rep. who lives in my area, who I have become friends with. I knew 3 other people at the table but 3 more I was not acquainted with. The bulk of the conversation, during the event, revolved around what Avon used to do, what's changed, what they (the reps) used to get but don't get anymore, etc etc etc. It was very disheartening.

Since I've been with Avon for just a year, I can't say anything about how it "used to be". I don't know all the perks that these ladies used to receive. I'm sure if I was in their shoes I'd be a bit disappointed if I used to get a bunch of gifts and freebies and don't anymore. But here's the thing...when I arrived at the event I received a gift bag with over $50 worth of products in it. We all, also, received a piece of jewelry based on what sales level we achieved. Mine was a pair of earrings but other ladies either received a broch, bracelet, or necklace. There were TONS of raffles and everyone who won an award that day received a statue (like the one you see in the link above)...and those babies are heavy.
There were about 150 people there and this was just one of four events taking place in Colorado alone...not to mention all of them going on in other states. That could add up to tens of thousands of these events around the U.S. and Avon is dishing out freebies and awards for ALL OF THEM!

I know that Avon is Fortune 500 company. I know they make millions of dollars every year, but I also know that Avon gives back...a lot. I also read recently that our CEO, Andrea Jung, refused a 3 million dollar bonus check last year.

The economy is hurting. There is no way around it. Avon shares are down and our sales are down. They can't just keep dishing out gift after gift and freebie after freebie to us reps. when times are tough. And why should they?

I went to an event. I had a free, delicious, lunch (and yes, they complained about the chicken too). I received a gift bag full of goodies and a pair of earrings and even though I didn't win a raffle many, many other women did.

I'm grateful for what I was given. I'm grateful for the opportunity that Avon has given me. I'm grateful for having just enough to make me feel special. I wish some of the other ladies at my table felt the same way. It would have made the event a lot more fun. I guess that's why I won the Spirit of Avon award and they didn't. ;)

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