Sunday, May 15, 2011

It just takes a little

Yesterday we ended up having a family garage sale outing. I had originally thought I was going on my own but my husband wanted to come so it became a family affair. I joked with him that the reason he wanted to come was to keep me reigned in.

We didn't end up with a huge haul but what we found I was happy with. We found a bedrail to put away for Emmett. I think they asked $5 for it so that was a heck of a deal! It's a double sided one with very minor wear so we scored!

Besides a few organizational things we found some toys for the kids. Nora got a few "new" books for 25 cents each (her FAVORITE My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake) and they each got a new little stuffed animal. They are beanie babies that someone was wise enough to sell for 50 cents a piece. Some sales I go to people are trying to sell them for $2-$3 dollars each (or more) because they are a "collectibles"...sorry folks, they haven't been a collectors item for a decade now.
Anyway, I picked out a kitty for Nora and a puppy for Emmett and they love them. They even slept with them in their beds last night.

The star of the day is this sweet pony...
Nora has been "giddy-upping" with him around the house ever since we came home yesterday. And guess what? He was $1! He is supposed to make noise but that part is broken. Not that I'm overly sad about that, lol. Otherwise he's perfect!

So for only a few dollars my kids are entertained and have "new" toys. Couponing and saving money isn't just something you do at the grocery store. I've never understood why people feel like they have to buy brand new toys, at full price, to make their kids happy. There will always be those certain items that you feel are a "must-have" or your kids feel like they are, but I bet there are still ways you can save money while getting those items if you look. And until your kids are old enough to "demand" those must have items, help teach them how to be happy with what they have. Being grateful and thankful are values that seem to have disappeared over time. Kids don't need as much as we think they do. You'd be amazing at how much fun can be had with a $1 garage sale item. ;)

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