Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding the Goods

Yesterday I skipped my original plans and went out to some garage sales. I had been driving around the day before and saw a bunch of signs for community sales so I couldn't deny myself.

The quick and dirty of it is here...

I found 15 items of clothing (including those adorable red cowboy boots for the new baby),  10 books, 4 toys, some clothes hangers (originally I was buying the kids hangers and he threw the "leftover" adult ones in for free), a boppy pillow (which forgot to make it's way into the picture) and 8 other misc. household items.

My grand total for the day was $33.50 and that included this...

A "big girl" bike for Nora! She doesn't know about it yet, which is why it's still in the trunk of my van. I also picked up that bike helmet for .25! It's not the best but for a quarter it will get us started. The woman I bought the bike from couldn't find one of the training wheels so that is the one thing I need to buy for it before we give it to Nora. She will be so excited because she has wanted one for so long.
I'm wondering if I overpaid since it doesn't have training wheels with it, but I think $10 isn't too bad.

Have you been out to some garage sales yet? If so, what gems have you found??

Love and a "new" bike,



  1. Two days after finding out we're having a girl, I hit a garage sale and got 9 outfits for the baby for $11. I was pretty stoked with that find!

  2. That's awesome, Angie! Garage sales are an awesome place to find baby/kid clothes. I don't like paying more than $1 for one piece of clothing at them...a lot of people sell their things for .50 so that's my go-to price. Yay for baby girls! :)