Thursday, May 17, 2012

Look and See What Was Free!

Today I did my weekly shopping at King Soopers and here are all the goodies I got for FREE!

Yes, even the flowers were free! I received a catalina (from a DiGorno promotion a few weeks ago) for $5 off my next floral purchase. I found this nice $5 bouquet and voila! Free flowers!
The Acqua Panna was also free from a catalina I received.
The Crave cat treats were on closeout for .95 and with my $1 off coupon they were free (I think I actually made .05 on each of them because I noticed the coupon didn't adjust down)!
The Friskies cat treats were actually not free, but I found this one variety on closeout for $1.19 so with my $1 off coupon they were only .19 each.
The Good and Natural bars were free because of using the free coupon in last Sunday's paper (I bought 3 but one made it's way into my belly before I could take the picture)
The Blue Bunny ice cream was free with a coupon I received from being chosen as a HouseParty host.

So nothing toooo mind blowing...just some good luck with some catalinas and a couple closeouts. I did save 60% at the store this week so that made me very happy!

Before grocery shopping, I stopped at Walmart to pick up a couple things. One of the things on my hit list were these candles.

They were FREE after coupon (actually a .03 money maker) so you can hop over to Hip2Save and find out where to print out the coupons for these.

Not too shabby of a day all in all. Tomorrow I'm hitting some garage sales and can't wait to see what kind of deals I can score.

Love and taking home the free stuff,


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