Monday, July 30, 2012

One last minute trip

I thought last Friday was going to be my final shopping trip before the baby comes but, after I took my kids to play school this morning, I couldn't resist one last stop into King Soopers.
There were some good coupons in this last Sunday's paper so I had snag a few of the deals. Here's what I picked up...

Everything above (plus a second box of Gogurt that I had already put away and a $2 greeting card for my husband...shhh, don't tell) cost a grand total of $16.90. My reciept says I saved 60% but it was quite a bit more than that because some of the items were markdowns and at closeout prices and -those are not figured into the savings.

Here's the breakdown -
- The Pirate's Booty was in the markdown bin for $1.89. A bit of a slurge but it sounded good. :)
- Snoopy fruit snacks were not on sale but we are out so, at $1 a box, the Kroger brand will do us just fine until the next big sale.
- Gogurt - on sale 2/$4 + a $1/2 coupon = $1.50 each. My kids love their "squeeze yogurt" and we needed some more so it went in the cart.
- Colgate - On sale for $1 + the coupon from yesterday's paper = FREE
- Suave - On sale for .99 + the coupon from yesterday's paper = FREE
- Bananas - just needed them
- Starkist tuna - I paid .18 for both cans by using a catalina I recieved last week after purchasing Hamburger Helper (I purchased 6 boxes). It was for $2 off any hambuger, chicken or tuna purchase. I went with the tuna, which was on sale for $1.09 each.
- Good and Natural bars - there was the one variety on closeout for .64 each + 2 BOGO free coupons = .32 each
- Zone Perfect bars - regular price of $1 + .50 coupon (which doubles, of course) = FREE
 - And lastly, the Skinny Cow candy - There is a new BOGO free coupon from yesterday's paper but also one from a previous week, (which is expiring tomorrow). The candy is currently on sale B2GO free, at a sale price of .89 each. I was just trying to figure out if there was a way to have recieved a better deal on those (working the BOGO system) but my brain isn't functioning at high speeds right now so I'll just tell you what I did.
I had 5 coupons so I picked up 3 packages to go along with each coupon. Even though the coupon is BOGO free, the sale is B2GO free. So I recieved one free from the store sale and one free from my coupon, meaning I only paid .89 (the cost of one) for all three. Does that make sense? So 15 candy bars for only $4.45, or .30 each. These are SUPER good and, yes, they are still candy/sweets but since I will be trying to lose baby weight soon (and have a big sweet tooth) I thought that picking up some 110-120 calorie sweets wasn't such bad thing. ;)

I really do think this is my last trip before the baby comes (on WEDNESDAY...EEK!).

I hope you are having luck finding some good deals right now because there are definatly some to be had.

Love and Skinny Cow goodness,


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