Monday, July 23, 2012

Some last minute deals at Albertsons

The clock is ticking until my baby girl arrives (and my body is sending that message loud and clear) so while I still have a bit of energy in me I'm still doing a little stocking up.

Today I made my way to Albertsons and happily snagged some items. Everything in the picture below was under $2 each, most were .50.

These deals run through Tuesday so you have one more day to snag them. Make sure you have the Albertsons ad with you because you will need some of the in-ad coupons to cash in.

The quick and dirty of it -

For .50 -
Water chestnuts
1 lb. bags of rice

1 dozen eggs - .88 each with in-ad coupon

Small garbage bags on clearance for $1.70 (for the diaper pail)

Club and Cheddar crackers - on sale for $1.99...I can sometimes get them cheaper but my kids really love these so I snagged an extra box to have on hand

Planters Peanut butter - $1.99 with in-ad coupon (I guess there is a man. coupon floating around for these too but I must not have cut it out *shame on me*) but that's still a good price for peanut butter

Blue Bunny Ice Cream - $2.49 with in-ad coupon plus I used a $1 off man. coupon that was good only for the Chef Duff variety which made them only $1.49 each!! (I bought 2 but I had already put one in the freezer and was too lazy to go downstairs and get it).

I also picked up a package of Aluminum Foil that I was in need of ($2.49 after sale and coupon for a 50 ft. roll) and 2 Milky Way bars (.20 each with sale and printed coupon!...I forgot to put them in the picture).
My grand total was $23.79 with a savings of $31.60. Not to shabby. :)

What have been your best deals this week?

Love and insanely good ice cream,


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