Monday, July 23, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I'm down to single digits now...only 9 days until the arrival of this little baby girl (unless she decides to come early).

I remember the last few weeks being rather uncomfortable with my first two pregnancies, but I have to say that this one has really taken the cake.

All the things that I boasted over are now coming back to bite me.

When I told people my due date I always heard the "Oh, pregnant in the summer!" comment. I always brushed it off because I was pregnant in the summer with my last two (born in early September and late October)...well this year has been different. With record setting heat and drought conditions I have definatly felt a difference. Thank goodness for the invention of the air conditioner but that does mean that I've ended up staying inside more than I'd like to.
The heat has also caused extra swelling in my feet and ankles...something I really didn't deal with the first two times. When it first started (just a couple weeks ago) I would notice it later in the day and evening but the last few days I have woken up feeling a bit of the tightness and having the swelling within a couple hours of being up and about.

The last few days have been especially hard with discomfort....back pain, belly pain and all those cute little kicks are not so cute anymore. About a week ago I realized I was unable to sleep flat in my bed and I have officially moved into sleeping in the recliner....which still isn't that great but at least I'm getting some sleep in between getting up and going to the bathroom.

With all of that said, my husband made a comment last night that really struck me. I don't remember his exact words but basically making the referance that this next week and a half will be my last...ever.

That's really stayed with me and, even through the pain and discomfort, I am trying to enjoy these last 9 days of pregnancy because it won't happen again. We are done having children (at 36 years old and a third c-section it's time to call it quits) so this is my last pregnancy.
Besides the last few weeks, I do enjoy many things about being pregnant. I love knowing that I'm helping form a new human being. I enjoy the comments I receive from strangers, wishing me well. I like not worrying about having to suck in my tummy when taking a photograph. I will miss the baby nudges and hearing that little heart beating when I'm at the doctor's office.

I can't wait to have this little girl in my arms and out of my enormous belly but I feel ever so blessed to have gone through pregnancy three times. Some times I look at my children and wonder how I could have possibly brought them into this world. They are beautiful and amazing and I can't wait to see what kind of people they will become.

As for my last baby...I can't wait to meet her. I am excited to find out if she will be the spitting image of my other 2 kids (blonde hair and blue eyes) or if she'll end up with her daddy's brown hair or mommy's brown eyes. Only time will tell and that time is getting shorter and shorter.

Love and waddling through 9 more days,


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