Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Friday

Maybe I'll be witty and Friday will be my day of the week to post about sales and such.

I don't know if I have it in my brain to go through my King Soopers shopping trip from last week, but I can mention that they are having their buy 10 get $3 off sale for the second week in a row. With that sale (and the other sale items for the week), and using my coupons, I saved $72.32 off my grocery bill, spending $103.78. Not too bad I guess since $22.63 of that was from coupons.

If you live out east, Byers General Store is celebrating their 30th anniversary all month. They are having a 3 day sale (today through Sunday) with items for 30 cents!! I hauled the kids out in the snow and cold to stock up on some items.

My big finds...

Shurfine tomato or chicken noodle soup - .30
Bar S hotdogs (not the all beef kind) - .30
Top Ramen noodles - 2 for .30
McCormick Brown gravy packets - .30
Shurfine Pasta, long spaghetti or elbow macaroni 12 oz packages - .30!!
Shurfine chunk light tuna in water - .30 (limit 5 then they are .50)
Cheer detergent, 25-30 load size - $3.00
Roma tomatoes - .30/lb
Iceburg lettuce heads - .30 each

The last thing they have, that I didn't get (since Jim is allergic to chicken) is...
Chicken fryer leg quarters, 10 lb bag - $3.90

I bought quite a bit, buying things for my mom as well (we do that for one another) and also for my grandmother. Otherwise I bought some fresh fruits and veggies, cereal for $1.67 a box, and my big money saver was a can of Wolf chili that I got for .34 after their sale and a coupon.
I'm probably going back tomorrow to take advantage of the sale one more time (picking up more things for my mom and grandma), but my grand total today was $55.06 with a savings of $66.16!

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