Saturday, February 27, 2010


Alright, alright. So I'm only at week 2 and I'm already slacking on my planned posts. Oh you go anyway.

King Soopers this week has a great deal. Buy 2 Gallons of Milk plus any (4) Participating Keebler or Kellogg's Products and they become $1 each.
Go to (under grocery) and you can find coupons for Keebler Town house crackers and Kellogg's cereals and get a heck of a deal.

Also on sale is Earth Grain bread for $1.99. also has a coupon for .55 off. Double that and you get bread for $1.

Go to and find a coupon for .75 off Izze drinks. With the $1 sale this week that means free Izze soda!

Also free this week, with a coupon from the Sunday paper, is Reach floss.

Heading out east? Byer's general store is running another .30 sale. Buy cans of Shur Savings vegatables (green beans, corn, creamed corn and mixed veg. only) for .30 each! 8 oz. containers of yellow mustard are .30 as well as Tina's frozen burritos. Sale only lasts through Sunday so get out there if you can.

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