Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a grandma!

A couple weeks ago we were given the sweetest kitty. She came from a guy that Jim works with and ended up with her from a neighbor. We have wanted a cat for a long time, so this was a perfect opportunity to get one. She had been a outdoor cat, so that was nice. We aren't 100% sure how old she is but she's probably about a year. She's still young and was pregnant with her first litter of kittens. We were told it would probably be a month or so before she'd deliver but to our surprise she had her kittens yesterday!

Jim had to go to work in the morning so on his way out he went to check on her. (Her "home" is in our shed, where she has a "bed", litter box and food.) He came back in and said, "Break out the cigars!" I couldn't wait to go out there and see them!
I went out later that morning and saw 4 little kittens. They were just precious! I forgot how insanely cute newborn kittens are. Later that afternoon I went back to check in on her and that's when I noticed something sad. One of the kittens hadn't survived. I don't know if she passed shortly after birth or when it happened.
I went back later that evening to check on her and what a surprise!! There were 2 new kittens!! I couldn't believe she was still in labor! So now we have 5 kittens total. As of today she is doing well and the kittens seem to be fine.

I can't get pictures to post right now so I'll try to get some soon.

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