Tuesday, August 24, 2010

50 cents or less

Yep, I ended up going shopping Tuesday again but at least it wasn't at 9pm. I didn't do a ton of shopping this week. I realized that I really need to use out of some of the food we already have, especially after my freezer disaster. sigh...But here's what I picked up.

I picked up the Goldfish on Saturday because I had 2 coupons that were expirimg that day (and another one as well). They were on sale for $1 this week (which is a good price in and of itself) but then I had my three $1 off coupons which means FREE goldfish. Nora doesn't like the regular cheese kind but she LOVES the grahams. :)
The other items I got today. They were a part of the buy 8 get $4 off sale. They cat litter was on sale for $1.49 and I had a $1 off coupon so that was .49!

The Capri Sun was a random find. I needed to buy some mac-n-cheese and KS has their 5 packs on sale for $2.99. On the packages there is a peelie for FREE Capri Sun! I'm not joking! Not all the packages had them so go to your store and see if you can find them. Because of the good sale price, and the free Capri Sun I bought two packages (we're set on mac-n-cheese for a while now). The sale price of the Capri Sun (with the B8 sale) was $1.47 but the cashier rang the coupons in at the regular price so that gave me $2.11 off. I made $1.28 on them!! I don't know how long the mac-n-cheese will be on sale, but I highly recommend running over to your store and seeing if you can find this deal. :)


  1. You *must* try the Chocolate Goldfish. To die for!

  2. P.S. Great gob, as always!