Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catalina deals

Do you know what a catalina coupon is? It's the one that prints out, at the register, when you make your purchase. Sometimes they are random coupons but most of the time it's something that you probably purchased in the past (maybe even that day) and they are giving you a coupon for it for the next time. Other times, companies have promotions where you buy a certain number of their products and they will give you a catalina in a dollar amount (like cash...i.e. the Kraft deal I got in on last week).
One of the most annoying things to me is when the register catalina isn't working and I don't end up with any coupons. ARGH that drives me crazy. Last week the catalina wasn't working and I didn't get my Kraft $5 coupon. I mentioned it to the cashier and a manager came over and hand wrote my coupon for me (I used it today and it worked out fine).

Today, at King Soopers I used some catalina coupons that I recieved and matched them with some sale items. Here the deals I ended up with...

This week (and next) there is a P&G promotion where you get $4 off with the purchase of 4 select P&G products. That included diapers which I was happy to find a deal on. With the sale, the Pampers were $7.99 each (as were the wipes). I had recieved two $3 catalinas for cruisers diapers a while back. Hello high money coupon, how I love thee!! I also had another catalina that was for $4 off cruisers and 1 box (300 count or more) of wipes. So, you could say that I got an additional $3 off all my packages of diapers, making them $4.99 a PIECE! And then an additional $1 off the wipes. LOVE IT!
The Natural Instinct hair color (yes, I do it at home) was on sale for $5.99. I had a catalina for $5 off 2 boxes. That means they ended up being $3.49 a box. Not too shabby considering my roots are starting to show.
The Kleenex hand towels are something I'd probably NEVER buy normally (a little too snazzy for this simple girl) but I recieved a catalina for a free box! Of course I had to pick it up! It was the only item that would have been in my 50 cent or less post this week (besides some baby food and...well...that doesn't count) hence why I did this post.

The moral to the story. Don't just throw away those catalinas..and watch to make sure you get the ones you are supposed to recieve. Some of the coupons aren't the best but sometimes they grace you with something pretty outstanding so make sure you sort through them. :)

Carry on....


  1. I saved $14.48 yesterday at Super Target all because I clipped coupons. I immediately thought of you!

  2. That's awesome Ann!! Taking coupons with me while I'm on vacation is definatly a plan of mine. I always thought I'd have to pack a bunch of stuff so I wouldn't have to buy all new when I got there, but if I bring coupons for what I plan to buy then that will help. :)