Friday, August 6, 2010

Star Wars are for girls only?

If you don't know about I highly recommend going over there and checking them out. I have been lucky enough to host a few houseparties and the free swag for you and your guests is awesome.

I recieved an e-mail from them yesterday about signing up to host a Star Wars Clone Wars Houseparty. I went through and filled in the application but something really bothered me. They asked how many kids I have and if I have boys or girls and then the age of the boy. Then all the questions ended up being about my boy...what tv shows/channels does he watch? What toys does he like to play with? etc etc. Obviously I had a hard time answering the questions because, well, Emmett isn't even 1 yet. At one point I was able to fill in a response (instead of just click a multiple choice answer) and I made a comment about how my nephew (who is 11) really likes Star Wars (as does my husband and I) and my daughter might enjoy it too. I even said, "Girls like Star Wars too!!"

I was a little purturbed that all they cared about was my son (how many of HIS friends would you invite?...the questions went on and on). I've watched the Clone Wars cartoons. My husband has enjoyed them and Nora might too (although her current fave is Strawberry Shortcake so that might be a stretch). And if my newphew could come, maybe he'd like to invite some of HIS friends.
 If they are basing their criteria on my own son, his age and his likes then I'm sure I won't get chosen. That sort of irks me. It's just like at McDonalds when they have two different happy meal toys and they ask if you want the girl toy or the boy toy. Sexism is alive and well today...even with little kids.

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  1. (Sorry, the previous comment was me, but it logged me in as Emily rather than Roger)

    Even Mia was interested in Star Wars somewhat, so yeah. Emily told me stories about how she'd throw a fit because she wanted the 'boy' toy rather than the 'girl' toy in the Happy Meal and kicked a priest for being sexist when she was a little girl (yeah, like you can't see that happening :P ). Of course they compound it by the toys themselves. I pointed this out to Emily when I was looking over the recent toys and pointed out the problem with the Marvel Super Heroes. "See what's missing? No female superheroes." And they wonder why Sailor Moon was such a hit.