Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's not all bad

...having the flu for a day and a half (I can say that now, but I wouldn't have said that yesterday).

I got on the scale this morning to find that I'm 1 pound under my prepregnancy weight! I'm sure it won't last but seeing that number made me uber happy. Now I just need to keep going and get all this softness turned into muscle. I just got a free DVD in the mail yesterday. It was from a Walgreens catalina for a totally free DVD from Self magazine (just paid for the stamp to mail in the offer). It's a workout DVD called "Self Trim and Tone Fast!"...guess it's a sign. :)


  1. YAY, that is so exciting! I'm jealous. Hope you are feeling much better.

  2. I am feeling better, thanks! My husband just had to tell me that he hopes I won't be disappointed when the scale goes back up because it was just water weight that I lost. We'll just have to see about that. :)