Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free this week and a little about stockpiling

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE King Soopers and their Mega Events?

Free this week... (some mega event, some not)
Krusteaz cookie mixes, Yakisoba noodle meals, Naturals cereals, Temptation cat treats, Suave deoderant (still on sale for .88), Banquet fruit pies and in the mark down bin at my store I SCORED Sweet Moments brownies for free. I had more coupons so I could have picked up more but I decided not to be a pig.

18 items, all free for me this week! I also picked up some Bestlife buttery spread for .17 each (5 of them) and a couple more cans of evaporated milk for .29 each. Yay!
What do I do with all of this stuff? Well, some of it I do donate to my parent's church, the rest is going in my stockpile. No I'm not stocking up for WWIII, I'm stocking up so I don't have to buy things at regular price. I HATE when I run out of something I need and I don't have a coupon and there isn't a good sale. Especially when it had just BEEN on sale.
I have a nice panty in my kitchen but this is my new second pantry...

I LOVE it! It's a white cubbard (with doors) that's in our garage. Jim bought in with the intentions of putting shoes in it but we realized that that wasn't such a good plan (dirty, wet shoes on wood shelves...not so good). Since my canned goods were spilling out into the garage anyway, we decided to make this a second storage area. I'm so happy! Now I can get those extra items I want, when they are SUPER cheap or free and put them away. I want/need to get some more shelves in it (like the one wire rack you see) but this is what it is for now.
Everything is organized by expiration date. It's written on the front of the item and the items expiring first are in the front. My hope is that through couponing and stockpiling, I can lower my grocery bill drastically. A lot of die hard couponers do this. They (we) get multiple coupon inserts so we have multiple coupons so we can buy multiple items. Then you have a stockpile and the hope is that you won't have to buy that item again until it's back at a super low price (or free).

When I was checking out today the cashier made a comment about how I must have spent a lot of time cutting out coupons. I said "ya, some, but it's worth it". When she saw my savings (today I spent $88 and saved $95), she sort of changed her tune a little saying, "Wow, you saved more than you spent!".

Yep, that's how we do it here in coupon lady land. Come visit me here sometime. It's fun!


  1. I want to be like you someday...do you follow different sites to find the deals? And do you clip or do you do the "unclipping" I've read about where you just put the whole insert in a folder and you don't clip till you go to the store type of thing?

  2. lol, Annie. Thanks for the compliment. :)
    I have one blog that I LOVE www.bargainblessings.com. She makes it SOOO easy to match up coupons with the current sales. She does almost all the work for you! There are a few others and I'm happy to do a post about them sometime.
    I do clip, for a couple reasons.
    1) I like having all my coupons easily accessible for me when I'm in the store. If I only clip the ones I plan to use I may miss out on an unadvertised deal (i.e. the Sweet Moments in the markdown area that I got for FREE!). Since I live 16 miles from my grocery store I can't just go back home and make another trip on a whim. Plus, sometimes I have at least one kid with me in the store. I would rather spend time clipping coupons while sitting in front of the TV (after the kids have gone to bed) than standing in the aisle, with a child in the cart, and clipping them then.
    2) I send my unused coupons to a military base overseas and families there can use them at the on-base stores. My "adopted" base requests the coupons are clipped and in sandwich bags so they can easily distribute them to the families.
    Some couponers swear by unclipping, and that's awesome if it works for other people, but it just doesn't seem to work for me. :)