Friday, December 17, 2010

You have to have the right tools

I am so excited! I just purchased professional makeup brushes!

A while back I made a mention that I'm hoping to get into doing makeup for people. I'm hoping it will just be a part of expanding my Avon business and helping to beautify the masses (or at least a few lucky ladies). A couple days ago I saw this post from Kandee Johnson (my FAVORITE makeup artist...she is AMAZING!) and tonight I took the plunge.

I bought this set of 15 brushes for only $29.99!! That's aMAzing! That's $2 a brush!! Whether you are wanting to do pro makeup or not, that's a really good deal! (and a lot of exclamation points!)

I know Avon has makeup brushes, and I currently use a few of them, but they don't have the extensive line like this. I can't wait to get them. It's just one step closer to helping to have all the tools I need. teehee...I'm a little giddy. :)

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