Friday, December 10, 2010

Would you be there?

if I hosted a Money Saving get-together?

I'm certainly no expert but I recieve questions off an on and I thought maybe it would be fun for people to get together and talk about money saving strategies. We can talk about online shopping, coupons (and all things surrounding that) and just various ways we all save money throughout the year. I can print out information about websites I use and have a checklist of points I want to make sure and cover but it will be very open for everyone to chime in with their thoughts and ideas.

I thought maybe January would be a good time. It's the beginning of the year and everyone has resolutions on their mind. We all try and start out the year with intentions of making that new year the best ever. Why not start the new year right and try to save as much money as you can?

I'm more than happy to host at my home but if there is someone in town that would be willing to host I'm great with that too! Let me know if there is interest and we can start talking dates.