Wednesday, July 28, 2010

50 cents or less

Well this was kind of a big week for me...well, if you include last week too. I didn't do my grocery shopping until last night, about 10pm, so I barely made it in to (now) last week's grocery ad. I also made it into town last week and picked up some deals while I was there, so here goes...

These items came from Albertson's and Walgreens. Last week Albertsons had a TON of coupons on their ad. Don't forget that you can stack those coupons with manufacter coupons to double your savings. The candy was a splurge at 29 cents a piece. The Pop Secret ended up being 50 cents a box and the Marcal products were free. Watch the Sunday coupons and you'll find Marcal coupons off and on for a free roll of paper towels or $1 off. Albertsons had their toliet paper on sale for $1 so that's how I ended up with that for free.
The Colgate was Walgreens. They had a register rewards deal which made the Colgate free (buy it for $3.49 and get $3.50 back in RR) but then I had $1 off coupons so it was a money maker. I had to do seperate transactions to get the 2 tubes, but then I used my register rewards to get diapers so it worked out great.

The training pants and the Snikiddy were free from Babies R Us. BRU released a $5 off any purchase coupon that was only good for 2 days so I got some training pants for Nora (priced at $5). Snikiddy was an online coupon for a free bag.
The cat food was free! I was led to a link where you could request a coupon for a free bag of food (cat or dog). I had to go to a special pet store to pick it up but it was on route while I was traveling around so I got it. The bag retails for $24.99!! I hope my cats don't get used to it because I won't ever buy this on my own. lol

And this was all King Soopers last night. A lot of this came from the Buy ten get $5 off sale. To save time I'll just put "B10" buy it if it was. Also, since KS doubles coupons I'll just put the doubled price...
Aquafresh kids - B10 + $1 off coupons = free
Satin Care shave cream - B10 + $1 off coupons = .50 a piece (won't have to buy that for a long time now)
Softsoap - B10 + .70 coupon = .30
Irish Spring - B10 + $1 off 2 = .50 a piece
Wish Bone - B10 + $1 off coupon = .50
Motrin PM - B10 + $3 coupon = .50 money maker
Philadelphia Cream cheese - part of B10 sale at .99 a piece. KS currently (through mid-August I think) has a deal where if you buy 5 Kraft dairy products you get a $5 catalina back. I bought the 3 cream cheese (YUM!), the sliced cheese (had a $1 coupon on that so I paid .17 out of pocket for it) and the shredded cheese was on sale for $1.88 (no coupon this time) so I paid $5.02 for all 5 and got $5 back. woohoo!
Spaghettios - B10 +  $1 off 2 coupon = Free
Diet Snapple - Free from playing the Kroger Summer of Savings game online
Lady Speed Stick - B10 + $1 off coupon = free
Idahoan potatoes - B10 + $1 off 3 coupon = .16 a piece

The Bic pens actually came from Target last week but I forgot them in my other pictures. I know there are a ton of deals for school supplies right now but this was a pretty good one when you the coupon I had, which is why I'm listing it. They were on sale for .60 a piece and I had two $1 off of 2 coupons. So that made the bags .10 a piece. They will be good to use when I'm doing my Avon parties. :)

Last night was a good shopping night for me. I spent $54 and saved $80. If you are still reading this, I hope these posts don't come off like I'm bragging. I guess I am a bit because I'm proud of the money I save but I mainly do it because I want you all to realize that you can do it too!! I am happy to help you if I can. I don't have the time or energy to post all the links to online coupons, myself, but there are some GREAT blogs out there that will do it for you (and for me). Let me know if you need help finding a great one.


  1. You aren't bragging - frankly I'm impressed and jealous! I really need to pay more attention to the goal is to someday be able to post something like this.

  2. You rock! These posts are really helpful in my own grocery planning, actually...Way to go on your savings this week!

  3. I was at the Albertsons on Gun Club at about 9:30 p.m. last night! Too funny!