Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back for more

I just HAD to go back and take advantage of the crazy deals at King Soopers this week. I had a few other items that I needed, otherwise I stocked up!! I had 40 items in the Buy 10 get $5 off sale and racked up the savings.

Here it is!...

 (**see Nora hiding...she didn't want to be in the picture but didn't want to move. lol)

So here it is! This is my entire trip. 40 of the items are from the buy 10 sale, others were items on a regular sale and others were things we just needed (but of course I had coupons for them.)

53 items total

Saved: $79.62
Spent: $27.43
Savings: 75%!!

We are now fully stocked up to make chili, hot cocoa and other cold weather goodies. Notice the evaporated milk? I see a LOT of fudge in my future (and yours if you're nice to me.) ;)

Glad we went out before the storm hit. It's blowing and blowing outside right now!

Stay warm!


  1. That is amazing. That is always my goal, but I always just seem to save 30% at most...I really must pay more attention to the sales.

  2. WOW! You are my hero!