Friday, November 26, 2010

Tis the season to go shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday. I love the deals, the thrill of getting out there shopping, and I LOVE planning that this is the weekend I'll get 90% of my Christmas shopping done, but I REALLY dislike what Black Friday has become. The stores seem to open up earlier and earlier every year and I REALLY dislike that some stores open ON Thanksgiving Day. I guess it was just something that my mom talked about growing up and that was not to patronize places when they are open on major holidays. I don't want to encourage that type of behavior. I was almost sick when I saw the news stories about the 100's of people lined up outside of Toys R Us at 10pm last night. Seriously? You can't wait one day so that employees can enjoy their turkey? A friend of mine went and stood in a line that wrapped around the shopping center. After an hour they still weren't even in the door and she left. It's too cold for that nonsense! You don't need Lego's that badly, do you?

I will admit that the past couple years I was up at 5am at a couple stores. I was never going after that new TV, but I did get my Dyson on Black Friday last year (and I LOVE it). Anyway, this year I decided that there was nothing I needed sooo badly that I had to get up and be out the door and waiting in line, to get in at 4am (yes, Target opened at 4am instead of 5 this year..and don't even get my started about Kohls. I won't step foot in one on Black Friday).
Instead I got up and around and sat in front of my computer and did some online shopping. I tell you what, that was the way to go! I found deals exactly the same as some of the Doorbuster prices and some even cheaper!
Anyway, I got up and was on the computer at 5:30 to grab a Lightning Deal on Amazon and then hit I got free shipping on both sites and was VERY pleased with my finds. I then grabbed my coat and went out the door. I was at Target shortly after 6am to see if the couple things that I was looking at, that weren't available online, would still be around...and they WERE!
I went to Walgreens next to pick up some crazy deals on Scotch tape (.99 for a 3 pack!!), gift wrap (buy 1 @ 1.99 and get 2 free) and a few other things (free toothpaste, razors and deoderant).
Then off to JoAnn's fabrics. I love going to a craft/hobby store on Black Friday. They are all decorated with rows of Christmas items (all on sale of course) and it just makes me warm and happy inside. Since I wasn't buying fabric (you might as well grab a number when you walk in the door), I walked through and found what I wanted (along with a few other items I didn't realize I wanted) and went on my way.

I was back to my parent's house (we stayed the night there and they watched the kids since Jim was gone) by 9am and was happy as a lark.

Later in the day I went back online and did some more shopping on Amazon. I'm now 90% done with my Christmas shopping as I hoped! I can't wait for all the boxes to arrive at my door. It will be like Christmas...oh wait...  ;)

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